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We’ve heard from several people who want to contribute in some way to this historic event. We definitely want to give everyone interested an opportunity to do their part, regardless of whether or not they are able to attend.

  • We are especially interested in door prize donations that can be given away throughout the event. Don't miss the chance to have your business or family name associated with this exciting letterboxing event! If you have something relevant to the hobby (large or small) that you would like to donate, please contact us immediately by sending a message to Mail@WeLiveAndBreathe.com.
  • In addition, we are now accepting letterbox contributions from carvers around the globe. If you would like to submit a letterbox to be at the event, please refer to the "Call for Boxes" from our official Box Wrangler, Marmalade.
  • If you plan to attend the event and would like to be a volunteer to help keep things running smoothly, please let us know by contacting Mail@WeLiveAndBreathe.com.

We will do our best to provide proper recognition and at least some small token of appreciation for everyone who makes a donation to this event.

Thank you very much!


Letterboxing Patches:

Additional Door Prizes Donated By:

Oberon Design - www.OberonDesign.com

  • Benchcrafted Leather Journals

RubberStampMadness - www.rsmadness.com

  • A one-year subscription to RubberStampMadness magazine

Clearsnap, Inc. - www.clearsnap.com

  • ColorBox Mini inkpads

Arvey Paper & Office Products, Portland, OR

  • Scotch ATG 700 double sided adhesive applicator

Spring Chick

  • Hand-sewn coptic stitch journal/logbook

Mark and Sue Pepe - markandsuepepe.blogspot.com

  • Letterboxing Wrist Bands
  • Dartmoor Letterboxing book

A Son of Liberty

  • Letterboxing Baseball Caps


  • Set of juggling balls (with a free personal lesson)


  • Hand-turned Oregon Myrtlewood pen

Maple Red Leaf

  • Eco-friendly, hand-crocheted tote bag

Boxer Lover 47

  • Decon hanging letterbox containers

Green Tortuga - www.atlasquest.com

  • Certificates for 3 months free Premium Membership on Atlas Quest

Dixie GraphiX - www.dixiegraphix.com

  • Lock & Lock boxes
  • B.A.B.E. event T-shirt
  • Discount Vouchers

Camp Fire Lady - tinarie@msn.com

  • 3 walking sticks
  • "Horseballs" game
  • Vintage Speedball linoleum carving set

Marmalade - directoroffun@hotmail.com

  • Bind It All  machine (personal bookbinding system)
  • Flower Press

Der Mad Stamper - dermadstamper@aol.com

  • Historical letterboxing memorabilia and publications


Monkey House Hobby & Home - www.monkeyhouse.biz

  • Masks & craft supplies for the Letterboxer's Ball

DoubleTree Hotels - www.Doubletree.com

  • Complimentary bars of soap