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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register?
The registration process for ‘We Live & Breathe’ is fairly simple. You’ll need to complete the on-line registration form with your contact information, names of all members in your party, vegetarian and bunk room style preference (same gender, co-ed or family), roommate requests, emergency contact info and if you will be bringing a car on-site. Roommate requests must be by mutual consent with the requested name(s) listed on each person’s form. The registration form also has a space for additional comments.

Submitting your completed form is a three step process – print a copy of the completed form for your records, make the payment (via a button on the registration form which directs you to PayPal) and submit the completed registration form to us (again, via a button that sends the form to us). Payment may be made through PayPal with a credit or debit card, an e-check or your PayPal account balance. If you prefer another method of payment, contact us at Mail@WeLiveandBreathe.com. We do need full payment and are not able to accommodate partial payments.

Your registration to the event is not complete until we receive both the payment and registration form. Our registration process is set up to accept one payment for each registration form. If you have people in your party who wish to pay separately, each person would need to submit a registration form and make the appropriate roommate request. You will receive an email confirmation from us within a day or two.

What should I expect at this event?
To the best of our knowledge, this event is different than anything done before. The facility is not a campground, park, motel or spa. Think of it as a ‘letterboxing retreat’ or ‘letterboxing summer camp’ for adults and families; complete with group cabins, a dining hall, a swimin’ hole at the confluence of the two creeks, meadows for games, a low elements ropes course, and miles of trails. Expect an experience that you will talk about for the NEXT decade.

Cabin description:

  • all the cabins have indoor plumbing, heat and electricity
  • the cabins will have two 'bunk rooms' with 5-7 sets of bunk beds in each
  • some bunk rooms will be designated as single sex, some will be mixed gender, and some will be designated for families (with more than one family in the bunk room)
  • bathrooms are accessed either directly from the bunk rooms or just down the hall from the bunk room
  • bathrooms typically have one or two showers, toilets and sinks
  • most cabins have some sort of common room
  • many cabins have some sort of kitchen/refrigerator set up
  • each cabin will have a coffee maker and the necessary supplies, so your morning can be civilized

Is camping allowed?
The option of sleeping in a tent is permitted, in limited numbers, as a courtesy for those who wish a bit more privacy than a bunk room provides. However, camping is not allowed. You will not be able to use a camp stove or other camping equipment, and you may not build a fire, cook, dig a hole, or collect firewood.

Available tent space is limited and all tents will be set up in a designated area. A bunk will still be assigned, so opting to use a tent does not ‘free’ a bed for another person to attend the event.

If you really need the traditional camping experience as part of your weekend, we would recommend you choose the Day Tripper option and secure a campsite near the event. Please see our ‘Travel’ section for information on nearby campgrounds.

What should I bring?

  • Letterboxing gear *
  • Sleeping bag and/or Linens (for a twin size bunk bed)
  • Pillow
  • PJs & Bathrobe (these are community cabins, after all)
  • Toiletries (including analgesics for your aches and pains at the end of the day)
  • Towel ("The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" recommends always traveling with one)
  • Hiking boots or sturdy shoes for the trails
  • Clothing for both cool or warmish weather (consider dressing in layers)
  • Warm jacket for night
  • Raingear (did you know that if you pack it, you generally never need to use it?)
  • Swim suit
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
  • Your musical instrument (guitar, kazoo, whatever) to enjoy around the campfire
  • Costume for the Letterboxer's Masquerade Ball (optional)

    * Letterboxing gear:

    • The basics - signature stamp, logbook, ink, pen, compass
    • Personal Travelers, if you have any
    • LTCs to swap, if you wish
    • Carving supplies so you can enjoy our Carving Corner. Please note that Wood Aug and Kurious Jo have mentioned that they will be bringing supplies to sharpen carving tools! (P.S. - If you are flying, be sure to pack your carving tools as checked luggage!)

What’s the weather like in September?
September is typically one of Oregon’s best weather months, with possible highs at 75 and lows at 50 degrees. It could be a cool, crisp sunny day with a cold night or cloudy with a bit of mist or light rain (the rain is cool and crisp too). The Live & Breathe Planning Committee will take responsibility and credit only for the occurrence of any sunny days during the event.

Do I need to bring food?
Whether you're a Day-Tripper or staying all weekend, your registration fee covers all the meals offered for each day you attend, including s’mores on Friday night, a small snack on Saturday afternoon, and refreshments at the Letterboxers Ball. If you want additional snacks or beverages, you should bring them to camp with you. We recommend any food you bring be in a sealed container to avoid attracting critters (especially Der Mad Stamper).

Many of the cabins have some sort of refrigerator in them. At the time of your registration confirmation, you will know if your cabin has a refrigerator or if you should bring a cooler for your snacks. Please be aware that you will be sharing a cabin with others so labeling your food items would be a good idea.

Is there a vegetarian option for meals?
While there won't be a separate menu specifically for vegetarians or vegans, the camp does plan the meals so there are some options for those who choose not to eat meat products. For example, Gardenburgers will be available at the Friday night Welcome BBQ. Other meals may include options such as salad or perhaps a vegetarian lasagna.

It is more difficult for the camp to accommodate specialty diets or those that need wheat/gluten-free meals.

The camp does not allow private usage of the camp kitchen facilities, however, many of the cabins have small kitchenettes, if you need to prepare certain foods for your diet.

Is it OK to bring alcoholic beverages?
If things are done in moderation and with some common sense (ie, not around the kids, not at the breakfast table, don’t flaunt it and for heaven’s sake, don’t get stinkin’ drunk) it is all right. We’re operating under the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy, so keep it on the down low and don’t make us ask. The word of the day is ‘discretion’.

Do I need to bring extra spending money?
All ‘official’ activities and memorabilia associated with the event are included in the registration price. So, you don’t need to bring any additional cash to be included in any ‘official’ aspect of the gathering. However, you may want to be prepared for the possibility that some individuals may have things offered for sale that you can't resist.

Is there any 'official' merchandise for the event?
The 'official' tee shirt and other merchandise will be available on Cafe Press. When the Cafe Press set-up is complete, we will add a link here.

Is there a different rate for kids?
Since the camp we are renting does not differentiate between adults and children in their fees, we need to charge accordingly as well. So, yes, the $142 is per person, child or adult.

Is this a kid friendly event?
We are happy to have children at the event. However, we will not be providing any ‘day care’ services, so parents will bear the responsibility for their children at all times during the event. For that reason, some parents may decide not to include their children so they can immerse themselves in all the event activities, day and night. That should be a personal choice for each family.

Can I bring my pet?
While we understand that letterboxing was traditionally done with dogs and that ponies are a common sight on the moors, we won’t be able to accommodate pets at this event. Bring your pictures and your stories, but please leave your pet safely at home. Do let us know if you require a service animal.

What about coming and going from camp?
Because there is on-site parking available for approximately 150 cars, we would encourage you to carpool, as much as possible. We also hope that the local letterboxers will offer a ride to/from camp for our out-of-town attendees.

We have no restriction about coming and going from camp during the event, but you will be so busy with all the fun we have planned for you that you won’t want to miss anything by being away from camp.

What the heck is the Letterboxer’s Masquerade Ball?
It’s a party, it’s a dance, it’s karaoke / open mic night… and it’s gonna be fun! You may even be able to garner a clue or two while you are at it.

Dressing in costume is optional, but encouraged. However, since it is a masked ball, we would urge everyone to get into the spirit and at least wear a mask. You can bring a Mardi Gras style mask with you, or use a mask we have on hand. We will have a supply of ready-to-wear, decorated masks available or you can decorate one for yourself on Saturday afternoon, using the provided craft supplies and mask.

During the Ball, we will also have a kids activity room set up, with a large screen TV with DVD, and some games, just in case they are not into karaoke and dancing.

Did you say Dancing? Who's providing the music?
Well, YOU are, of course! What? ...nobody told you? Looks like we've got some 'splainin to do, Lucy!

Okay, here's the deal... we knew we needed to have some sort of special, over-the-top celebration on Saturday night. We considered hiring a band, but that didn't really seem very relevant to letterboxing. Besides, we happen to know that there's lots of you 'boxers out there with hidden talents that hardly ever get mentioned on the message boards or talk lists. So, we decided it'd be better to encourage you to step up to the mic and share a little bit of yourselves with your peers!

We're going to provide plenty of opportunities for you to entertain us all. We're having a traditional campfire circle on Friday night, which we hope will include sing-alongs, skits, or whatever else you come up with. Then, on Saturday, we're having the big Letterboxer's Masquerade Ball!

Der Mad Stamper says he's willing to step into the DJ booth on Saturday night to provide some crazy dance music for us... something he calls "Doctor Frankenstein Funky Mad Scientist Mash-Up R&B Redneck Punk Rock'n'Roll Disco Music". We're not sure what that means and, to be honest, we're afraid to ask. All we know is that it's always a hoot to party with der madman, so we told him to go for it!

In between dance sets, we're going to turn the mics over to you. So, bring along your guitar (or banjo, fiddle, harmonica, washboard, kazoo, etc.) If you prefer, bring your favorite CD and teach us all how to perform some new dance steps. DMS will also have a wide variety of karaoke songs for you to sing along with, or you can just grab the mic and tell a few jokes, perform some magic tricks... Whatever! There'll be something for everyone... and it's all in the name of fun!

So, don't be shy! If you've got a special talent you're willing to share, or if you want to request a special song, please contact our entertainment coordinator, Camp Fire Lady, by emailing tinarie@msn.com as soon as possible.

What about the Campfire? What's that all about?
It's just not summer camp unless there's a traditional campfire circle.

You know what we're talking about... just like when you were a kid. Sitting around the campfire, telling stories, singing songs, performing funny little skits. Good clean fun for the whole family... and did we mention S'MORES?

The campfire will be held after the informal barbeque on Friday night and will be our special way of welcoming you to the camp and putting you in the right mood to thoroughly enjoy this weekend full of fun and surprises.

If you, your family, and/or a group of your friends have a fun skit, a silly dance, a campfire story, a sing-along, or any other act that you would like to share with everyone during the campfire, please let us know by contacting our entertainment coordinator, Camp Fire Lady. Just send an email to tinarie@msn.com.

Can I contribute or bring boxes to plant?
We are offering some theme suggestions and guidelines for boxes, along with some procedures regarding cooties, Hidden in Plain Sight (HIPS) boxes, and event stamps. You will find these suggestions, guidelines and procedures in the "Call for Boxes" which was issued to the entire LBing community by Marmalade, our official Live & Breathe Box Wrangler. We want to give everyone interested an opportunity to contribute, without regard to their ability to attend.

Unfortunately, because the event is being held on private property, we will not be able to leave any box as a permanent plant. This holds true for boxes the committee plants as well as the volunteer and spontaneous boxes planted at the event. Every box MUST be pulled at the end of the event. We will offer some options as to what can be done with the boxes after the event is over, so letterboxers can continue to enjoy these creations.

We also expect everyone to adhere to the letterboxing philosophy of ‘Leave No Trace’. It is inexcusable to create social trails, alter or damage trees, cabins or other structures, or leave any evidence or impact. The camp is aware of our letterboxing activities, which makes leaving no impact on the property even more important. Please keep this in mind as you are designing and planting any box.

Is there a list of attendees?
Yes, we now have an Official List of Attendees available. Please be aware that this is the one and only official list. The RSVP list on Atlas Quest, for example, is not accurate.

I want to stay longer in the Portland area. Can I sleep on your couch?
We have set up a yahoo group "Need a Bed/ Gotta Bed", so the out-of-towners needing a place to stay and the locals who have a couch or spare bed to offer can connect and work out the details among themselves. We are hoping that this would also be the place for the out-of-towners to secure a ride from the locals, to and from the camp.

Check the ‘Travel’ page on this website for more info on where to stay, what to do and how to get around.