The Historical Exhibit of Letterboxing Patches

Gather around, friends. These patches have a tale to tell...
What is now known as the Historical Exhibit of Letterboxing Patches was initially intended to be a fun little display at the We Live and Breathe Letterboxing event in 2008. As one of the original founders of the American Letterboxing phenomenon, "Der Mad Stamper" (DMS) had several early patches that he though people might enjoy seeing. However, the exhibit grew to be much more than anticipated. Due to its size, attendees of the event referred to it as the "wall of patches." But it's not just large; it has literally become an illustrated history of letterboxing!

Once word of the exhibit got out, DMS's friends and acquaintances from around the world stepped forward to contribute patches that were, in many cases, no longer in circulation, difficult to obtain, or even one-of-a-kind. Thus, the display became a museum-worthy exhibit with many interesting stories to tell.

As DMS and his partner, RaqsEnigma, contemplated the display's growing significance, they began to reconsider its future. They knew it would be a shame to present such an exhibit for a single event and then toss it into a closet. They had become caretakers for something that deserved to be shared with the entire letterboxing community. Eventually, they decided to photograph the entire collection, put it online, and then build a portable display so that it could be taken to various gatherings around the country. Meanwhile, the exhibit continued to expand, and is now twice the size it was at the Live and Breathe event!

Of course, the exhibit is still a work-in-progress. It will take a dedicated group effort to keep the collection up-to-date. Meanwhile, transportation costs keep going up by leaps and bounds. But as long as the letterboxing community continues to support the exhibit and recognize its importance, DMS and Raqs are determined to keep it online and on the road.

If you have a patch to contribute to the exhibit, you can send it to

Der Mad Stamper
2767 SW Hewitt Ave.
Troutdale, OR 97060

or write to Mail@LetterboxingPatches.com. Please provide as much historical background information as possible (date acquired, purpose, designer, etc.) and be sure to specify how you wish to be credited for your contribution (real name and/or trailname).

If you would like to make a financial donation to help keep the exhibit alive, please use our PayPal Donation form.

To keep up with the latest updates to the exhibit, please visit our blog, The Letterboxing Patch.



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The original "wall of patches" at the Live and Breathe event, 9/12/08.

Over 5 feet tall and nearly 10 feet wide, the traveling
version of the exhibit made its debut at the
"Back to Our Roots" gathering in Vermont, 6/20/09.


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